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Meanwhile, in Quarantine...  

The company of Face to Face Films discuss their new reading series, Theatre, Interrupted, and their reading of "The Hours." Below, Casey discusses what it was like to play Virginia Woolf. 

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What Others Are Saying About Casey... 


"The night belonged to Casey Hartnett as Hayley, as she commanded her role deftly. The audience ate up her insecurities, her steadfastness, her vulnerable side, as well as her feisty side... Just when we think we have her figured out, we get a different Hayley. Hartnett's effort was done with such ease and nuance, we see a menagerie of personalities and moods."  - Robert Massimi, Vocal Media 

"Casey Hartnett reprises her role from July and once again she owns this role... Hartnett is on the mark and clicks on all cylinders throughout the performance. Both sheepish and yet strong, she shows us the many sides to her personality."

-Robert Massimi

"There is a unique understanding and depth she brings to her work.  She’s one of the hardest working actors I know.  It was an incredible experience as a writer and director watching Hayley come to life under her care.  Her empathy, not only for her character, but for how much she cares about the other characters and their journeys is what makes her an incredible actor and collaborator. Plus, she's one of the kindest actors I've ever had the pleasure of working with."

-Anthony Laura, writer/director

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